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Tatkal Scheme At Thane Passport Office

For obtaining Passport under Thane Passport Office Tatkal Scheme, the following documents are to be produced:

  • Passport application
  • A Cerificate in Form ANNEXURE F
  • A standard Affidavit in ANNEXURE I
  • Proof of remittance of the Tatkal fee
  • Color photograph of the applicant with white or light color background
  • Three identification documents as described below.

The Passport Officials have the power to get authentication  of the Form Annexure F certificate submitted  from the authority who had certified , while Post office verification process will go through for Tatkal applications submitted under Thane Passport Office Tatkal Scheme,  however there is no requirement to submit  any proof for applying   through Tatkal scheme at Thane passport office.

There is an option to  submit the Identification documents in the form ofany three of the  prescribed documents, which are listed below, provided any one of these three documents shall be  Photo identified and at least one document falls within items  1 to 9 of the list  and the standard affidavit shall be made on non-judicial stamp paper with Notary Public’s attestation.

  1. Electoral  Voter’s  Identity Card
  2. Employee identity card issued by Public  limited companies, Government and Government undertakings
  3. Community  Certificates;
  4. Identity Cards for Freedom Fighters
  5. Arms License Document
  6. Property Documents  certified  by registration department
  7. Public distribution cards issued by Municipal authorities
  8. Documents relating to any pension payment authority
  9. Identity Card issued by Railways

10.  PAN Card

11.  Bank  Passbooks including SB Passbook from Post Offices

12.  Studentship Certifications in any form

13.  Driving Licence

14.  Birth registration certificate

The  fee for Tatkal applications will be an additional remittance apart from the regular fee for issue of passport  and shall be remitted  in cash at the passport office or through a Demand Draft obtained  in favour of the concerned Passport Officer of Thane Passport Office Tatkal scheme.

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